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Personal Transformation Retreats for Women

one to one transformational retreats

Have you ever wondered how it would be to…

Experience freedom from the limiting beliefs holding you back in life? Find, trust and follow your inner wisdom? Choose a path of joy instead of pain? Nurture and support yourself in a holistic way? Create and live a life you love?

In your One- to-One Transformational Retreat experience, you’ll be nurtured and supported as you delve deep into your psyche to uncover:

  • The essence of who you really are
  • What you truly want in life
  • Your unique path to creating the life you love

If you’re ready to step beyond your everyday experience and take action to transform your life then this is the retreat for you. Find out more…

Learn The Ancient Healing Art of Reiki

Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that flows within and around us. The Reiki healing system teaches us to use this vital force for our health and wellbeing. The Reiki technique is traditionally passed from Master to Student by way of a personal ‘attunement’ to the energy. Reiki energy is then available to the student at all times for the purpose of healing themselves or others. Reiki works by rebalancing the entire system. It helps to release toxins, relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind, calms and centers the emotions and uplifts the spirit. Anyone can learn Reiki. It is safe, simple and purely positive. Find out more…

Healing Therapies

Reiki and Healing TherapiesBy simply relaxing the body and soothing the mind you can create enormous potential for transformation. Choosing to go deeper still with a Reiki Journey (guided self-inquiry) or Authenticity Work allows for the healing of old wounds, issues or trauma, the release of limiting belief patterns, habits and fears that have been holding you back from living your life as you choose. Find out more…

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

yoga, pranayama and maeditationTo practice yoga asana (postures) correctly is to unify the breath, mind and body, bringing one’s awareness within and to the present moment.  It is from this place that we can begin to know ourselves, experience stillness and begin to understand the true nature of our reality. Find out more…

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