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Welcome to The Wellness Source, home of life-changing Yoga & Mindfulness Retreats, Detox Retreats,  Reiki Training and Transformational Coaching with me, Claudia Jones.

Claudia Jones Transformational Coach

Whether you’re looking for a little bit of inner peace (who isn’t), a kick start detox, a complete life overhaul or some deep transformative inner work, look no further, I have the solution for you…

All of my programmes, trainings and coaching are designed to help you to reconnect with your true nature, your essence. They guide and support you to let go of anything holding you back from creating the life you love. This includes your thoughts, your beliefs, your fears, your inner critic and all of the negative stories that life has told you about yourself and you believed to be true. 

All of my courses and coaching aims to empower and inspire you to take charge of your inner world through daily practices such as mindfulness, yoga, self-inquiry and breathing techniques. These practices in turn support you in your everyday life by bringing you more inner peace, calm and a sense of space.

With space comes awareness and here’s where we can make changes for the long-term…

With self-awareness we can understand how we feel and what we need in every moment. We can know how to be when difficult situations arise and how to rest with challenging emotions. We can sense which actions will help and which will harm, we can invite in softness, kindness and compassion both ourselves and others. This means we can take good care of ourselves which is essential if we are to take care of anyone else.

Through our self-awareness, our awareness of others and the world we live in, we can make conscious choices that bring us more freedom and joy than ever before. We can learn how to create and live the life that we love.

I hope that you’ll join me soon for a truly unique and life-changing experience,

Claudia x

‘Find Joy Within’

A Yoga, Mindfulness & Transformational Coaching Retreat Ibiza, Spain, 10th -15th March, 2020

Join this group retreat and stay in a stunning, luxury villa in the heart of Ibiza

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreats

‘Find Joy Within’

One-to-One Yoga, Mindfulness & Transformational Coaching Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

Choose dates to suit you and receive a truly personalised retreat experience in beautiful Ibiza.

‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat

One-to-One ‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat in Ibiza, Spain
Detoxify Your Life Retreat with Claudia Jones
Liberate Yourself from All that’s Holding You Back in Your Life

Do you long to wake up feeling…

Refreshed, energised and excited for the day ahead? Calm, balanced, free from negative thoughts and irrational fears? Happy about how you’re spending your time on this planet? Passionate about about who you’re spending your life with? Like you’re taking the best possible care of yourself and your loved ones? That you’re living the best life that you possibly can?

Read about my ‘Detoxify Your Life’ Retreat to find out how…

Transformational Coaching Online

Transformational Coaching with Claudia Jones

Transformational coaching offers a holistic approach to your wellbeing. This means the focus is more on ‘who you are’ rather than simply on ‘what you do’. This approach considers your relationship to life, to your experiences, to others and to the planet. The premise is that by focusing on who you are as a person, the doing and achieving will naturally follow.

In these sessions, you’ll be gently guided and supported as you peel back and let go of the layers of everything that’s preventing you from experiencing your full life potential as your true, authentic self.  

By identifying and uprooting limiting fears and beliefs and working through perceived shame you become open and vulnerable in a gentle yet empowering way. This allows you to show up in your life and relationships exactly as you are.

In these sessions, not only will you be guided to experience your true nature but you’ll also receive the tools and techniques you need to stay in touch with your innermost wisdom. You’ll feel more confident to be your authentic self in every sphere of your life and more empowered to choose and live the life you love. Find out more about transformational coaching…

Learn The Ancient Art of Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing with Claudia Jones

Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that flows within and around us. The Reiki healing system teaches us to use this vital force for our health and wellbeing.

The Reiki technique is traditionally passed from Master to Student by way of a personal ‘attunement’ to the energy. Reiki energy is then available to the student at all times for the purpose of healing themselves or others.

Reiki works by rebalancing the entire system. It helps to release toxins, relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind, calms and centers the emotions and uplifts the spirit. Anyone can learn Reiki. It is safe, simple and purely positive. Find out more about Reiki Healing Courses…

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