Make 2020 Your Year of Real Lasting Change

Claudia JonesUncategorized

by integrating theses 3 simple steps into your daily life… Hello beauties and a very Happy New Year to you all! How’s 2020 going for you so far? Did you make resolutions at all this year? Do you find they usually last? ‘Old habits die hard’ as the saying goes. We all know how challenging it can be to make real, lasting change in our lives. So why is it that when we start out with so much determination that ‘this is going to be the year’ when we succeed at making the changes we need to live our lives fully, that it just doesn’t happen? We don’t follow through for some reason or another, ‘life gets in the way’ and our dreams and goals flow down the drain. Another year just drifts on by. I believe that mostly it’s about not giving ourselves enough space and time to know … Read More