Personal Cleanse Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

Liberate Yourself from All that’s Holding You Back in Your Life

Details on this amazing programme coming very soon…

Do you long to wake up feeling…

Refreshed, energised and excited for the day ahead? Calm, balanced, free from negative thoughts and irrational fears? Happy about how you’re spending your time on this planet? Passionate about about who you’re spending your life with? Like you’re taking the best possible care of yourself and your loved ones? That you’re living the best life that you possibly can?

When we think of detox, many of us picture some kind of juice diet with awful tasting concoctions to help you purge, some bowel cleansing treatments and a gruelling exercise regime that eventually leave you feeling good only after a few days of suffering caffeine withdrawal and feeling absolutely . The good news is…

Detoxing doesn’t have to be like that at all, it can be a fun process, especially when you look at it as part of a long-term lifestyle change. Let’s face it, the detox-retox cycle is not a healthy approach to your wellbeing. It’s my belief, that it’s better to make gradual, lasting, positive changes than to go for the quick fixes that leave you craving for junk food, alcohol and other toxins as soon as you’ve finished the programme!

Detoxing is not only about what you DON’T eat and drink but about what you DO put in your body.

Detoxing applies to all aspects of your life, not just to diet and exercise. In my detox programme we’ll examine your thoughts and beliefs, we’ll look at how you spend your time and who you spend it with, your environment, and the impact this has on your overall wellbeing. If

It supports you to take charge of your thoughts, beliefs and habits which create your actions and behaviours

relationships, passions, how you spend your time, what you create