Personal Transformation Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

Discover Your Inner Source of Joy, Love & Wisdom

Have you ever wondered how it would be to…

Experience freedom from the limiting beliefs holding you back in life?
Find, trust and follow your inner wisdom?
Choose a path of joy instead of pain?
Nurture and support yourself in a holistic way?
Create and live a life you love?

In your Find Joy Within Retreat experience, you’ll be nurtured and supported as you delve deep into your psyche to uncover:

  • The essence of who you really are
  • What you truly want in life
  • Your unique path to creating the life you love

If you’re ready to step beyond your everyday experience and take action to transform your life then this is the retreat for you.

On your Find Joy Within Personal Transformation Retreat journey you may choose to:

  • Experience a journey of SELF-INQUIRY supporting you as you peel back the layers of your conditioned mind revealing your true nature.
  • Practice YOGA asana or receive yoga therapy (as appropriate) for both your current physical condition and ayurvedic constitution.
  • Learn ancient yogic and Buddhist practices such as mindfulness, meditation, pranayama (breathing practices) mantra and mudra. You’ll PURIFY, quiet and empty the mind bringing peace and opening the gateway to your innate wisdom.
  • Undertake a tailor-made physical DETOX, cleansing your body of toxins, enlivening and restoring clarity to your mind.
  • Come into ALIGNMENT with your essential nature. You’ll be able to begin to fearlessly express yourself by learning how to silence your inner critic.  You’ll practice learning to trust your intuition using self-reflection tools such as the language of colour, journaling, and divination arts.
  • Design a unique and NURTURING personal practice ritual inspired from all that you’ve learned on the retreat. Through guided meditation and an introduction to natural healing practices you’ll create self-care plan that will fully support you to create the life you love.
  • CREATE a powerful vision board complete with supportive affirmations, creative visualisation practices and a dynamic action plan to support you to find the joy within and make the life you love a reality.

Healing Therapies

Reiki –  is the universal life force energy that flows within and around us. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful treatment that involves the ‘laying on of hands’, it is a wonderful therapy for relieving stress, releasing toxins, accelerating the body’ natural healing processes and inducing a state of deep relaxation. This treatment is performed with the client fully clothed.

Reiki Journey – For this session, you come with an awareness of the issue or issues you wish to address and share this with me at the start of the session. You then lay on the therapy couch and I begin a hands-on Reiki healing. Once you have relaxed and have come to a state of presence, I begin to guide you through a journey of self-inquiry while continuing to channel Reiki.  I support you as you uncover the part of the body associated with the issue or trauma. We stay there as I guide you to explore the area and the issue through a gentle question and answer process that allows you to access your inner wisdom. The process continues until you reach a place of peace having received insight, understanding and a fresh perspective or having worked on the issue as much as you are able to for now. Depending on the individual, one or multiple issues can be addressed in a session. 

Transformational Coaching – In these sessions, you’ll be gently guided and supported as you peel back and let go of layers of inauthentic living that are preventing you from experiencing your full life potential as your true, authentic, radiant self.  By overcoming your fears, identifying and uprooting limiting beliefs and working through perceived shame you become open and vulnerable in a beautiful and powerful way that allows you to show up in your life and relationships exactly as you are. In these sessions, not only will you be guided to experience your true nature but you’ll also receive the tools you need to stay in touch with your innermost wisdom and be empowered with the confidence to be your authentic self in every sphere of your life, empowering you to choose and live the life you love.  Transformational Coaching is available both in person and online via skype. Please allow 90mins for your first session.

Flower Essences Consultation – Claudia offers consultations with her ‘Freedom Essences’, a range of flower remedies that she has lovingly created from the herbs, wildflowers and flora of Ibiza. Flower essences are vibrational remedies (similar to homeopathic remedies) that help to restore balance and harmony to the entire being using the healing properties of plants and flowers. The consultation includes one x 15ml personal essence blend.

Sleeping and Eating

You can choose to stay with me in a private double bedroom with balcony or you can select one of the accommodation options in the local area to suit your level of comfort. If you choose to stay with me, I will provide a delicious, super-healthy brunch and dinner using the organic produce of the island (as far as possible). All meals are mouth-wateringly good and are home-made with love. The cuisine is vegan, gluten-free and naturally detoxifying, but don’t worry, you definitely won’t go hungry, all meals are plentiful and truly satisfying.

About Claudia

Women's Retreats

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Yoga Alliance, Kaivalyadhama

Claudia is the founder and director of The Wellness Source, a company dedicated to empowering women to take charge of their wellbeing; supporting them toward living happier, healthier lives through wellness therapies, coaching, workshops and retreats. Claudia runs regular Women’s Retreats in Ibiza, Spain and Goa, India.

For the past two decades, Claudia has been inspiring and empowering women to take their personal growth to the next level so they can begin living the life they love.

Through her insightful coaching style and compassionate nature, Claudia skilfully guides women through gentle yet powerful processes to re-connect them with their authentic selves and supports them in aligning their outer reality with their true inner nature.

Claudia’s years of experience have given her a profound understanding of the uniqueness of every woman’s journey and this shines through in her ability to individually support every woman on her personal path. For Claudia, seeing a client taking bold steps toward living the life she truly wants to live is the ultimate reward. Read more

What’s Included

Find Joy Within Personal Retreats can be tailored to suit your available dates. My personalised programmes are for a minimum of 3 nights (4 days) up to 5 nights (6 days) duration.

Included in your retreat is:

  • 3- 5 nights stay in a comfortable private double room in my home
  • delicious vegetarian (vegan, gluten-free) brunch and dinner
  • 3 hours of tailored yoga, pranayama, meditation therapies and transformational coaching (according to your personal programme)
  • herbal teas and filtered drinking water

Prices from €1050 / £925 for 3 nights and 5 nights from €1750 / £1550

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