Detox Workshop, Inhale Yoga, Cheshire, UK

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'Excellent. Claudia has a deep insight into the areas of teaching and puts it across in a very simple and easy to understand manner.'  Andy Roberts

'Wonderful. I found it perfect. I found my centre, very informative on all aspects.' Donna Burton

'Excellent'. Corinne

'Excellent. I would recommend this workshop. Despite my many medical conditions I was able to participate.'  José Hacking

'Fab. I am leaving this workshop optimistic and full of ideas, not only for myself but for my whole family.'  Samantha Kilmartin

'Very good.'  Jill White

 'Brilliant. I have done two workshops with Claudia. Both different, both fantastic!!'  Trish

'Excellent. Really informative. I thought it was well worth the time and the money. The juices were great. For dietary advice, Claudia is a great resource.' Ann Wood

'Excellent. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teaching.'  Karyn Jackson

'Excellent. Very informative.'  Janet England

'Claudia is a fabulous mine of information. I feel so energized and enthusiastic about using all the ideas and tips that I have learned. Quite exciting actually!!'  Noreen Mohammed


Yoga & Your Health Retreats

yoga and health april 2012 1 copy'Been here for a week. I am amazed how much change can be done in that time! I really toned up, my mind stilled within days, very relaxed, feeling bright and healthy, got a lot more flexibility, more muscle control and found out I have muscles that I never knew. Loved it, Rachel.'  Rachel, Netherlands 

'Really enjoyed this week with Claudia and my group, it was fun even when we worked hard. I liked Claudia’s expertise in teaching.'  Danijela, UK 

'I learned a lot from Claudia. This retreat has really made me sit up and think about how I lead my life; diet, stress management and living a more healthy and balanced life. The great thing is I now realize how I can change things and have every intention of doing so when I go home. So thank you Samahita for opening my eyes and bringing this welcome change into my life!' Belinda, Hong Kong 

'I feel my body, mind and soul come more together to integration because of the classes. I feel more alive!' Marjolijn, Netherlands

'Perfect. ' Pablo, Taiwan 

'Outstanding.'  Sandra, Switzerland 

'Wonderful, especially the afternoon sessions, very valuable and practical lessons that I will apply to improve my health when I return home.'   Louise, UK 

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