Detox & Yoga Retreats

Detox Retreat with Claudia

'Claudia is fantastic – very helpful and knowledgeable. Huge Applause! An excellent detox program that is informative, supportive and really promotes overall wellbeing and health. Thank you!'   Anne, Australia

  'An excellent week – going home feeling light and rejuvenated. I’ll be back'  Emma, Ireland  

'Way beyond excellent. Claudia is very attentive, always approachable, very knowledgeable. Dear Claudia, many, many thanks, I’ll be back.'   Anna, Russia

  'Claudia is a great teacher. Always calm, very knowledgeable and always there for questions. I would do the detox again. It is greatly organized with high quality teaching and products. It helps definitely to get deeper in touch with body and mind.'  Oliver, Germany  

'Thank you Claudia, it really was a great experience. Really from the heart, a BIG thank you.'  Pascale, Mexico

  'Claudia was excellent. She took time to explain all aspects of the program not only as a group but personalized attention.' Kelly, Myanmar  

'I was able to clear my body and mind completely. The many smiles that came my way each day only deepened my overall serenity.'  Frank, Japan

  'Had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for everything!'  Marianne, USA  

'Coming out of the retreat healthier and with a good idea on how to maintain that – couldn’t be better!' Brigitte, Germany

  'Great experience. Have taken a lot from this.' David, UK    

Detox & Yoga Retreats

'I truly enjoyed having Claudia around. She was very helpful, explained patiently and clearly all points and questions, a very good teacher. I would recommend the Detox & Yoga retreat to others and I already see myself back again real soon.' Yoko, Japan

'A week passed by too fast, now I’m heading back to the real world, hope the knowledge I learned from you can carry me through life…my husband is gonna benefit aswell.'  Lily, Canada

'A perfect way to learn more about your body.'  Sebastian, Germany

'Claudia is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I had a fantastic time!' Helen, Germany

'Claudia is extremely dedicated and knows her stuff. She comes across with a desire to share and not tell you how to live. A very good ability! A very kind and supportive character. I have gained a lot of new knowledge.'  Charlotte,  Denmark

'Go on this retreat if you want to do something good for yourself.'  Sissel, Norway (Feb 2011)


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