Yoga & Your Health Retreat

Yoga and Your Health Pic Photoshopped! copy 3'Claudia has been an angel along our path here.'  Madhu and Jyoti, South Africa 

'I would highly recommend this retreat. It was wonderful having Claudia as our teacher and spending time with such a nice group of people.'  Catherine, UK 

'I came here hoping to get my practice back on track after dealing with an injury. This retreat helped me do that and more. Claudia helped me develop a practice I can continue without further aggravating my injury. The health and wellness aspects were informative and fun and have given me lots of new practices and ideas to incorporate into my post-retreat life.' Juniper, USA 

'This week has been an absolutely incredible experience.  Thank you Claudia for a wonderful week.'  Jessica, Canada 

'I had a superb time on Claudia’s retreat. I was able to expand on knowledge I already had and learn lots of completely new things. Thank you Claudia.'   Ewan, UK


Yoga & Your Health Retreats

Yoga & Your Health Nov 2010

'I had a good week, a lot of yoga work which I enjoyed very much. Teaching was outstanding.'   Ralf , Germany  

'Everything is well planned, clean and organized. Top class- excellent! Thanks Claudia!'   Pia, Finland 

'I enjoyed my week a lot. I will recommend the retreat for others. Claudia is a great yoga teacher and she gave excellent info on the healthy diet.'   Jukka, Finland 

'I’m thankful for Claudia who opened my horizons in healthy and happy living. I’m excited to take this with me for the rest of my life. Definitely would like to come back soon!  Thank you so much for this amazing life changing experience.'  Lina , USA, 

'I came to the retreat in dire need of a holiday that was restful. Not one for lying on the beach for extended periods I found the balance of yoga, information and gentle atmosphere combined to create the perfect scenario to be by myself. The general atmosphere was relaxed friendship. A holiday I will savour forever. I will certainly return.'  Rochelle, UK 

'Enjoyable yet highly practical do it yourself course where you learn your A,B,C’s for your everyday health and wellbeing .' Nea, Finland 

'I have found my time here to be deeply restorative, challenging and thought provoking. I feel healthy, refreshed and relaxed and have met some wonderful like-minded friends. I will most definitely be recommending this retreat and hope to return again soon.'  Lauren, South Africa 

'Claudia was a very knowledgeable, approachable and motivating, an excellent instructor. Thank you!'  Jon , Canada 

'Excellent! A lot of handy tips and practices that I can use in daily life.'  Alex, UK 


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